Construction Sites

The value of having  quality portable toilets on your job site is unmatched.  Dollar for Dollar a portable toilet is the best equipment investment you can make for your project.  Rather than your employees stopping work to drive to the nearest restroom, well maintained units will not only keep productivity high but it will also boost worker moral. 

We have done it all.

VRPT has tackled a wide range of projects big and small.  Whether its a multi-million dollar project or a home remodel, Downtown or the backwoods, We have  it covered.  Our smaller route trucks give us the capability to service a unit just about anywhere. 

Better service.

What happens if a storm rolls through and tips over a unit?  If vandals destroy it?  You run out of paper?  It needs moved or picked up promptly?  There’s a whole list of scenarios that could arise that cause problems with your portable toilet.  A project brings with it enough obstacles to slow it down already, your sanitation needs SHOULD NOT be one of them.  Our routes are designed to keep a driver in one core area based on the certain day, we don’t stretch service routes out so big that it causes a driver to be to far out for too long. What  does this mean to you?  Quick turn around times.  If you call us with a problem, we’ll be there to fix it faster than anyone else. PERIOD.

We do it right the first time.

We ensure that your job site will run smoothly,  When a unit is delivered a checklist is followed to ensure that there is nothing left behind or neglected. The same checklist is followed upon each weekly service. There is no skipping or shortcuts taken to save time.  We take our time to make sure everything is done and done right.

Weekly maintenance of our units consists of :

  • Removal of waste
  • Refilled with fresh water and industry leading deodorizing water charge
  • Fully disinfected, washed, rinsed, and hand dried.
  • Removal of graffiti
  • Moved to more efficient location if necessary
  • Minor repairs made on site.

Many restroom providers simply look upon construction sites as dirty, rough, and not applicable for their nicer equipment. They simply provide older or non favorable units. Vermilion Rental Portable Toilets understands that providing effective working conditions is key.  Quality equipment and top-notch service is how do we our part to ensure your project goes as smooth as possible.