VERMILION RENTAL   Portable Toilets
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What comes to mind when you think “Portable Toilet”? Dirty. Odors. Unsanitary. Neglected ? How did we guess?

The sad truth is, this bad rap has become a stereotype associated with portable toilets for millions of people, and for good reason. But why?

Attention to detail and quality service falls short when a large, multi faceted company offers portable toilet rentals as just a part of their operation. What you end up with is just part of their focus.

“All we do is portable sanitation”, we are constantly thinking of ways to create a more “at home” feel for our customers. Extra time and care is taken on each service to ensure our units are left clean, safe, and comfortable. Clients can tell when units are just brushed and hosed, not only is it uncomfortable but its unsafe when shortcuts are taken during maintenance. Every rental comes standard with weekly service. Each unit is fully disinfected, scrubbed, rinsed, and hand dried. That “Make it feel like home” sensation is what we strive for each and every time.


If you have not already, you’re likely to be persuaded to rent something cheap. Remember those multi branched companies we warned you of earlier? We assure you, it will cost you in the long run. Are a few dollars worth the added comfort in knowing that your portable toilet was handled by a professional and someone who has your satisfaction in mind.? The answer is obvious. Don’t sacrifice.